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Finding Inspiration In Every Turn

Taylor and Kelli started with the simple idea of offering their passion for meal prep to the public. They quickly realized this service was necessary and learned there were more benefits than they were aware of. They promote a healthy, sustainable lifestyle for everyone, save time for a busy life and provide high quality food to people of all ages.


Kelli Ritchie

Hello! I was born and raised in Darlington and my husband Andrew and I decided to settle into our hometown. We are currently navigating the crazy adventure of raising our three kids together, Piper, Dutch, and Duke. 

I work as a sign language interpreter for deaf students in the Mineral Point School District, and breed and sell Goldendoodle puppies. I grew up playing sports, and tried to stay active in different ways but once I started having kids, I realized how imperative it was to easily access my fitness routine at home and the importance of the organization of meal prepping to simplify our already busy days and nights together. Finding what worked for me has brought so much fulfillment and a reliable outlet for stress relief. 

I have been meal-prepping and packing lunches for the work week for most of my adult life, so transitioning that into a larger scale to help others made sense!  


My passion is in encouraging people that are on the quest for a solid foundation to build a healthy and sustainable lifestyle! 

Taylor Thuli

Hi! I grew up in a small town in Southwest Wisconsin. I met my husband, Kyle, when I was in high school. We live in Darlington, WI with our three awesome kids, Calix, Colbie and Cooper. When I'm not on mom duty, you can find me trying new recipes, indulging in a new show, or at The Bar, a fitness center that my husband and I own.


After having my third child, I dove deep into the importance of health and wellness. We had a simple idea of finding the easiest way to provide nutritious meals for busy people. That simple idea quickly spread like wildfire and now we're providing healthy meals, snacks, and smoothies to thousands of people.


Thank you for following along on our

journey of health and wellness!

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